Thank you to the “mower man” (retired) for the sage advice, early, on the weather outlook.

So we played, starting in the rain and after a short time the sun was out and the sage advice proved correct for the full field of 36.

So, a lot of cash was splashed, BUT we all only came for the 2 BIG money prizes that had to be won as this was the FINAL Splash.

First up was the Differential for $250. After 3 calls No. 15 was drawn and here came the “mower man” (retired) and his partner Theresa.  Well done and congrats.

Then, onto the Super Joker Jackpot which stood at $120. A twist was invoked and as the winners were drawn they had the choice of $10 or a pick for the Joker. If unsuccessful the $10 went into the Joker Jackpot.

So several attempts, all to no avail, the Pot building up to $180 whilst in the background was heard the sound of a blade being sharpened. Low and behold, “mower man”(retired) was drawn, he scythed his worn out blade across the cards and YES, the JOKER was exposed. The money was received and “mower man” (retired) could safely say it was an easier working day than when he was on the “blades”

Thank you for all your support during Winter.

Next will be, Summer Jackpot Pairs and the first one is due  Friday 8th October. More about that closer to time. Suffice to say it will be SINGLE entry, 3 bowl pairs, with a few twists to keep it interesting.

Ric Lydford