Hi Everyone,

It is pretty evident that there will be no organised bowls for some time to come.  BNH has advised that they have cancelled the PPL.  We have already cancelled the first round of Arena Living and it is most unlikely that Silverfin Fives will go ahead on Tuesday 19 October.

Taking into account the comments from Bowls NZ  and interpreting the PM’s comments yesterday the Board is supporting the idea of getting members back into game time on the carpet green.

In the absence of a clear protocol for Bowls we propose adopting the declared principles set out for the restarting of Early Childcare Education Centres.  Under this protocol children are placed in bubbles of ten with more than one bubble able to be accommodated at each Childcare Centre.  We propose to adopt the same protocol, namely two bubbles of ten players on one green with substantial separation between bubbles.

In the first instance only the carpet green is available for play.  The natural greens are not yet available due to the scaffolding still in place on Knightsbridge and ditch linings not yet reinstalled. When we get Mayfair up and running, scrims are to be used in all circumstances.

Members are able to organise their own game of pairs. Triples is too hard to run taking into account the two bubble requirements.  There are no events being organised by the Club convenors, so the responsibility is for members to organise their own games within the framework outlined . The Clubhouse is not open for gatherings after a game. Public toilets are available on the adjacent playing field.

We will set up a booking system in the first shelter on the carpet green.  The carpet green will accommodate two bubbles of two rinks each.  There will be separation of 5 metres between each rink and another 5 metres of separation between bubble one and bubble two.  This allows for 4 games to be played at any one time. Teams may book a morning slot or an afternoon slot.  A team should only book one slot per day. The morning sessions can run until 12-00 noon, and the afternoon session can run from 1-00pm.

Please contact Sandra Coombe on 021 647389 for further clarification

Best wishes
Sandra Coombe
Vice President and Bowling Liaison