A blustery day saw most of the large 28 strong field struggling for control. However a couple of teams handled the conditions well and battled out for the top spot. Unfortunately a no show forced a last minute change and a big thanks to Phyl Humphries for abandoning her shopping to help out.
Results were
1st – Wayne Glogoski & Jane Mackay 3W 15E
2nd – Jeanette Orgias & Paul Dean 3W 12E
3rd – Enid Di Cesare & Barry Butcher 2W 1D
4th – Russell Parkinson & Annie McGrath 2W 10E
5th – Graham Ward & Flora McDonald 2W 9E
In the Winter League standings after two rounds the leaders are:
11 points – Dave Hope, John Smith
10 points – Steve Bartley
9 points – Graeme Storey
8 points – Michael Thomas
7 points – Peter Orgias
6 points – Jeanetter Orgias, Gary Warren
Remember its a 12.30pm start and if you put your name down please turn up.