Despite some trepidation over the weather early morning, the decision to proceed with the tournament was made and 18 teams of triples braved unpleasant conditions for the first game however, while not the best, the conditions improved a little over the day.

Such was the competition there were no four winners and the five three winners shared the three prizes that were available. The unlucky three winners were Kevin Cameron, Brian Rogers and Gerry Strydom and Leon Wech, John Gledhill and Rosemary Nicol.

Overall results were:

1st        Chris Taylor, Grant Keats, Garry Banks – 3 wins 20 ends, 38 points

2nd       Murray Radojkovich, Barry McCrystal, Steve McGregor – 3 wins,18 ends, 42 points

3rd        Elaine McClintock, Irene Donaldson, Kerin Roberts – 3 wins, 17 ends, 37 points

Daily prize (best am/pm)  Judi Farkash, Adele Ineson, Jamie Chen

Lucky Dip John Miles, David Lloydd, John Lindsay

Report by Allan Langley