On a day that started off in sunshine, that became cold and windy where nearly everyone wanted to go home
after the first game, then a gradual improvement happened that, in the end, we finished by staying all day
and played our 4 games.

The winners today was the strong team of David Payne, Evan Thomas and Lionel Drew with 4w, 21e
In 2nd place were Theresa Rogers, Colleen Rice and Phil Chisholm with 31/2w, 20e
3rd place went to Brian Nolan, Kevin Robertson and Graeme McGregor with 31/2w, 17e.
In 4th place were Judi Farkash, Rosemary Nicol, and Bevyn Darlington with 3w,22e.
5th place went to Alan Daniels, Stuart Jamieson and Joy Watkinson with 3w, 19e.
AM prize went to George Jones team
Lucky dips went to Geoff Ladd team and also George Durbridge team
Lucky No 14 card was held by Rick, Rick and Stuart team