How long will this summer weather go on for?  it was again ideal conditions for the Thursday any combination three bowl triples and we had a strong entry field with many visitors going in.  The Knightsbridge Green was under maintenance and so the competition played out on the Mayfair Green and the Harcourts Community Carpet Green.

Congratulations to the visiting team of Roy Parker, Steve Doolan and Rick Markovina on placing first with 4 wins, 20 ends and 35 points.

1st – 4Wins, 20 Ends, 35 Points – Roy Parker, Steve Doolan and Rick Markovina
2nd – 3.5W, 23E, 37p – Arthur Beale, Brian Rogers and Kevin Cameron
3rd – 3W, 21E, 43 – Gaye Horne, Joy Watkinson and Jo Baxter
$th – 3W, 21E, 41P – Chris Taylor, Bevan Smith and Jan Calcott
5th – 3W, 20E, 37P – David Payne, Graeme MvGregor and Colleen Rice

am prize to Stuart Jamieson, Larry Cain and Steve McGregor
pm prize to Ian Coombe, John Valentine and Bruce Aley
lucky dip to John Miles, David Lloydd and Garth Partridge