What a fabulous afternoon of sunshine, no wind or rain, but only 15 bowlers to enjoy it in the haggle!!
Note: a field of under 16 participants means each player gets double points in the Centuria-Baileys Winter League
15 bowlers meant we had 3 pairs and 3 triples playing the 2 – 4 – 2 format of 6 ends per game and the results are as follows:
1. Graham Ward and Muy Chhour, with 3 Wins, 11 ends and 23 – 13 points.
2. Bill Lowe and Ralph Cullen with 3 Wins, 11 ends and 19 – 10 points.
3. Enid Di Cesare, Seve Bartley and Rhonda Dredge with 1 Win, 9 ends and 17 – 16 points. 
The next haggle is Saturday August 5.

Points Update:

Our top three players continue to battle it out with 2 of them picking up another 5 point bonus and the lead changing from week to week.
Enid Di Cesare has found a nice outside track and come through to a handy 4th place and is still a chance for the top three.
Peter Orgias had a good early run but an extended Australian sojourn sees him dropping back in the field.
Top Points at the end of July are
59 points – David Tripp
57 points – Graham Ward
56 points – Ralph Cullen
43 points – Enid Di Cesare
41 points – Peter Orgias
39 points – Bill Lowe, Graeme Storey
36 points – Jim Center

35 points – Jane Mackay