With the Pennants on and a bit of a dull cold day we only managed 12 players for Saturdays Winter Haggle, but a bonus for this 12 players was double points.
1st – Enid DiCesare & Les Boulton 3W 13E
2nd – Graham Ward & Gary Warren 2W 10E
3rd – Jim Center & Muy Chhour 1W 1D 9E
4th – Ralph Cullen & Rhonda Dredge 1W 1D 7E
In the Winter League Graham Ward has left to the lead with a double points 2nd while Enid win has pushed her up to 4th. With up to 3 rounds left it will be a tight finish. With a few players approaching their 5th week in a row this 5 bonus points could make all the difference.
69 pts – Graham Ward
60 pts – David Tripp, Ralph Cullen
58 pts – Enid DiCesare
55 pts – Jim Center
54 pts – Bill Lowe
43 pts – Muy Chhour
41 pts – Peter Orgia, Graeme Storey
Remember there is $500 with of prizes including 5x $50 lucky dips (you need to have played a min of 5 weeks).