What a great day for the Fairview / Settlers 2 Bowl Triples.

There were 3 four winners, the best of which was the team of Evan Thomas, David Payne and Ian Hardy.

1st – 4W, 37E, 80P – Evan Thomas, David Payne and Ian Hardy
2nd – 4W, 30E, 57P – Ian Coombe, John Valentine and Bruce Aley
3rd – 4W, 29E, 57P – Phil Chisholm, Gaye Horne and Colleen Rice
4th – 3.5W, 29E, 49P – Rick Dixon, Rick George and Stuart Mackay
5th – 3.5W, 26E, 47P – Leon Wech, Barry McCrystal and Bevan Darlington
13th Place prize  to George Jones, John Gledhill and Pat Clarke
am grass to Kevin Cameron, Norm Clarke and Arthur Beale
pm grass to Murray Radojkovich, Larry Cain and Theresa Rogers
am carpet to Elaine McClintock, Bruce McClintock and Colin Rogan
pm carpet to Brian Nolan, Bob Mullen and Kevin Robertson
lucky dip to Peter Orgias, Jeanette Orgias and Allan Langley