The chill in the early morning air signals the change of season as does the super fine sunny days that Autumn bring with it.  The Knightsbridge and Mayfair greens were both in action for the Fairview / Settlers sponsored triples.  This was their last sponsored event for the current season and all indications are that we will welcome Fairview and Settlers back as sponsors for the 2023 / 2024 season.

Congratulations to the team of David Payne, Evan Thomas and Ian Hardy, the only team to register 4 wins.


1st – 4Wins, 43 Ends – David Payne, Evan Thomas & Ian Hardy
2nd – 3W, 34E, 67 Points – Chris Taylor, Bevan Smith & Jan Calcott
3rd – 3W, 32E, 60P – Murray Mathieson, Adele Inerson & Connie Mathieson
4th – 3W, 32E, 55P – Ian Combe, Sandra Combe & John Valentine
5th – 3W, 30E, 61P – Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins & Allan Langley
team 13 winner – Joy Watkinson, Glenda Rountree & Louise Ball
Round 1 winner – Brian Nolan, Bob Mullen & Kevin Robertson
Round 2 winner – Tony Popplewell, Tony Stanaway & Jim Price
Round 3 winner – Kevin Cameron, Arthur Beale & Brian Rogers
Round 4 winner – Phil Chisholm, Gaye Horne & Russell Parkinson
Lucky dip – David Hope, Bill Lowe & Roger Potter