On the 16 and 17 March we had 6 teams entering Gaffney Cup, Mairangi Bay Bowling Club 1-5 A/C pairs.

They were:
Graeme McGregor and Michael Thomas,
Julie Chhour and Glenda Rountree,
Graeme Storey and Barry Baillie,
Steve and Helen Bartley,
Bill Lowe and Rosemary Nicol,
Annie McGrath and Roger Potter.

The Saturday brought lots of sunshine and LOTS of wind! Some struggled more than others with that, and after 2 rounds we had 2 teams qualified:  Julie/Glenda and Bill/Rosemary, they didn’t have to play again, until Sunday.

Graeme/Michael and the Bartley’s had one win each, so they had to fight it out in the third round. It became a bit of a one-sided game, with Graeme/Michael winning with 25-3. But congratulations to Steve and Helen for beating Graeme and Barry in the first round.

With 3 qualifiers it had to be a bye. The blind draw gave it to Graeme/Michael with Bill/Rosemary meeting Julie/Glenda first up.  Julie and Glenda took early lead, 9-5 after 8 ends, but with a 3 and a 5, Bill and Rosemary took off and won 20-13.

In the final both Graeme and Michael played extremely well, not giving Bill and Rosemary much chance, knocking out their bowl holding shot nearly every time, winning with 24-2. Tough for them after playing so well on Saturday.

Congratulations to Graeme McGregor and Michael Thomas for their third win of the Cup. Congratulations also to all players with thanks for taking part.

Report by Gerd Hutcheson.