Friday the 25th March, a cold gale blew down the green, BUT who cares, we were out and enjoying our freedom and bowling life!!!
So, we learnt about the couple who “performed” in front of their doctor and then onto the money tree.
Best 2 winner, the “Man” again, John Miles and Jim Centre
Best 1 winner Peter and Ron Rennie (well done in the wind Ron)
Worst NO winners shall remain Un-named
Bowl Jackpot of $200 was WON by Judi Ca$h and Ralph Cullen with 18. Well Done.
Then onto the Super Joker Pot.
Good Grief ups steps Garth with AGAIN, for the 3rd time, with  the first drawn no.
BUT alas No Luck.
Next up Tony James, BUT No luck.
So, Next time, 29th APRIL the SUPER JOKER POT is $460
Enter online. See you Then
Ric Lydford