At long last we were able to finish the Mens Pairs that started Dec 12.  Several delays, 23 Jan, 6 Feb, due to bad weather, helped to prolong this game which resulted in the card being carried forward with half a game to go.

Radojkovich/Rogers beat Daniels/Horne 17-16
Miles/Lloydd beat Cameron/Lindsay 17-11
Coombe/Lydford beat Nolan/Robertson 28-12

Langley/Orgias beat Chisholm/Wech to advance to the semis-final where they beat Coombe/Lydford 24-16 and so moved to the final where they met Radojkovich/Rogers who had beaten Miles/Lloydd 21-8.

Orgias/Langley proved too consistent and ran out the winners 18-10 to add  to the Triples won earlier in the season with Allan in the Singles final and the fours next Saturday to come.