You are currently viewing Results – MetLifecare MBBC Founder Tournament – 1 & 2 March 2023

The Mairangi Bay Bowling Club Founders tournament once again attracted a full filed and bowlers from all parts of Auckland, thanks to the generous prize pool that is made possible through the Metlifecare Retirement Villages sponsorship.

The format for the tournament is 2 days of triples, with the top 16 on day one playing off for the title in a winner plays winners format.  The 1st of the field play for the consolation plate on day two.

The main division winners were:
1st – N Fisher, B Chapman & C Rogan
2nd – N Scott-Morrison, R Walker & B Smith
3= – L Wech, C Rice & B Darlington
3= – I Coombe, J Valentine & R Parkinson
5th – P Orgias, G Jenkins, & A Langley
6th – C Taylor, A Ineson & J Calcott
7th – G Keats, E Thomas & P Chisholm
8th – L Cain, A Telford & A McGrath


The consolation place getters were:
1st – W Jensen, I Hardy & M Thompson
2nd – T James, D Lloydd & G Partridge
3rd  – R Glogoski, W Glogoski & Becky
4th – J Gledhill, S Wellington & L Donald
5th – G Horne, T Rogers & D Payne