The Mixed Fours were held over this last weekend in fine weather and just a  little breeze.

6 teams competed and after the first day

The team led by D.Payne had 3 wins, L Cain had 2 wins also the Daniels team had 2 also.  Radojkovich, Orgias had 1 and Horne brought  up the rear.

Sunday we had to play 2 rounds to complete the round robin and the first game was Payne against Daniels team who led by a shot after the 14th end only to lose 2 on the 15th. Now the Payne team had 4 wins and next up was the Cain team who beat Orgias to have 3 wins and the only team with a chance.

This game went all  the way to the 15th shot for shot and the best result for a wonderful game was a draw 13-13.

The Mixed Fours Chamionship winners for 21-22 are D.Payne, P Chisholm, J Watkinson and T Rogers with 41/2 wins and L Cain, J&C Miles and C Rice runner-ups 31/2 wins