The Norm Feast Memorial was held on Thursday 22nd June at the Mairangi Bay Bowling club for many years
Norm’s place of happiness.

After a delayed start till 12 o’clock, in rather unsettled weather, 64 people took to the rinks
with John Feast in attendance, with more guests to arrive approx 3pm.

We played 3 games,2 of 1-10m, and the last of 40m to find a result that was the highlight of the rather generous sponsorship from John.


John Valentine, Jeanette Orgias, Brian Rogers, Chris Taylor


In 1st place was team of Chris Taylor, Brian Rogers, John Valentine and Jeanette Orgias with 3w,17e

In 2nd place were Peter Orgias,David Lloydd, Garth Partridge and Barry Baillie with 3w,16e
In 3rd place were Sheryl Wellington,Kevin Cameron,Stuart McKay and Connie Mathieson with 2w,15e
In 4th place were Murray Mathieson,Jan Gledhill,Gerd Hutcheson and Ralph Cullen with 2w,13e
In 5th place were Ian Coombe,Gordon Jenkins,Geoff Ladd and Jane McKay with 2w,11e
In 6th place were Leon Wech,Barry McCrystal,Rosemary Nicol and John Lindsay with 11/2w,13e

Lucky no 13 card draw went to John Gledhill,Kevin Robertson,Arthur Beale and Graham Ward
Lucky dip prize drawn by our patron Jean Ashby was won by Kevin Sturgeon,Ian Hardy,Glynn Taylor and Louise Ball

Many thanks must go to all that helped put this event together especially Sandra Coombe who put the single entry teams together,
sent emails to all about the weather change of time, bought the nibbles. In closing this report it is only appropriate that the last comment be that we had a prize for the first toucher of the day won by nobody else but John Feast.Well done John enjoy the $50.