So being the first day of December, officially summer arrived.  Hopefully this was not a typical summers day this season, as there were a couple of showers and a chilly wind from the South West.  Layers of clothing were required and a number of jacket on, jackets off moments occurred during the day.

To be in for the top prizes 4 wins were needed and there were 3 four winners, the best of which was the team of Gordon Jenkins and Wynne Grey.

Wynne Grey & Gordon Jenkins – WINNERS !!!


1st – 4 Wins, 30 Ends, 61 Points – Gordon Jenkins and Wynne Grey
2nd – 4W, 29E, 55P – Leon Wech and Bevan Darlington
3rd – 4W, 26E, 56P – Peter Orgias and Allan Langley
4th – 3.5W, 29E, 61P – David Payne and Muy Chhour
5th – 3.5W, 28E, 60P – Kevin Cameron and John Lindsay
am Grass – Phil Chisholm and Megan Ratcliffe
pm Grass – Chris Taylor and Jan Calcott
am Carpet – Tony James and Ralph Cullen
pm Carpet – Colin Rogan and Bruce McClintock
Lucky Dip – Evan Thomas and Ian Hardy