Another blistering hot summers day with many members commenting that they are not able to remember a summer as warm as the one we are having this year.  Long may it continue!!

We were bedazzled by Team Magenta, or Team Pink as some critics called them, who blew their opponents off the green and were the only team to have 4 wins.  Congratulations to Alan Daniels, Rick Dixon and Ron Horne – Team Magenta.

Alan Daniels, Ron Horne and Rick Dixon – Team Magenta – WINNERS


1st – 4W, 24E, 56P – Alan Daniels, Rick Dixon and Ron Horne
2nd – 3.5W 20E, 61P – Ian Coombe, John Valentine and Bruce Aley
3rd – 3W, 24E, 52P – Mick Moody, David Payne and Colleen Rice
4th – 3W, 21E, 56P – Leon Wech, Murry Radojkovich and Bevyn Darlington
am prize to Georg Durbridge, Keith Berman and John Lindsay
pm prize to Dave Hope, Roger Potter and Bill Lowe
lucky dip to Judi, Lynn and Keiko