Haggle report Saturday Nov 4 2023
What a busy and active club we have, as shown by Men’s pairs champs, Women’s triples champs, plus another 20 members playing 2 – 4 – 2 pairs at the haggle all on the same day. That was 70 club members enjoying a lovely days bowls.
In the haggle, the weather was accommodating and 7 out of the 10 haggle pairs had 2 wins.
Results are as follows:
1. Graeme Storey and Helen Bartley  2 Wins, 12 ends, 17 – 15 points
2. Paul Dean and Gary Warren   2 Wins, 11 ends, 18 – 13 points
3. Les Boulton and Steve Bartley   2 Wins, 10 ends 25 – 13 points
4. Pat Clarke and Ian McGovern  2 Wins, 10 ends   24 – 21 points
Lucky Dip Barry Butcher and Jim Center
Tomorrow the Women’s triples final is on at 9am.
The mens pairs quarters start at 9am as well with the final expected around 2pm or so in the afternoon.
So if you have a spare morning or afternoon come down and watch some top quality bowls.
Russell Parkinson