You are currently viewing Results – Silverfin 5’s – 15 March 2022

The Silverfin 5’s is a competition that is a little bit different.  Teams of five, play triples on one green and pairs on the other.  Three rounds in the day and therefore a possibility of 6 wins.

On Tuesday 15 March 2022 the winning team managed 5 and a half wins: outstanding.  Congratulations to Jan Gledhill, Sheryl Wellington, Phill Chisholm, George Durbridge, and John Gledhill.

2nd  – 5 Wins, 61 – Colin Rogan, Bruce McClintock, Elaine McClintock, John Feast and John Walker
3rd – 5W, 48 – Murray Radojkovich, Brian Rogers, Theresa Rogers, Pricilla Page and Donald
4th – 5W, 40 – Peter Orgias, Janettes Orgias, Allan Langley, Michael Jelly and John Smith

Our generous sponsors, Silverfin Capital have agreed to once again sponsor the next event on 26th April 2022.  Alll teams that were entered in the tournament on 15th March have been entered for the 26th.  Would the team captains please let Sandra Coombe know if there are any changes to their team.

Many thanks to our visitors, to all the helpers and to Sandra, such a good communicator and event organiser.