Hi All,
With the likelihood of the 1 to 5 Year Convenor not being at the Stanaway Trophy on Sunday (the club does not pay mileage) we had six roving reporters right amongst the action.

It was a fine Sunday, chilly at first but warming as the day went on.

Each team would play two back to back games on each green. The difficulty was that green straight out from the clubhouse was fast and the green to the left of the clubhouse(the new one) was slow.  Both greens were full and at 9.00am the battle began.

Report by Theresa Rogers
The team of Roger Potter, Phil Chisholm, Julie Chhour & Theresa Rogers had a day of 2 halves. In the morning we lost to both Takapuna & Mahurangi East however in the afternoon we had 2 big wins (winning 8 ends & 20 points against Browns Bay, & then winning 7 ends & 15 points against Stuart Mackay`s team). We all struggled on the slower green in the morning as it had no finish however we all coped much better on the faster green in the afternoon.

Regards Theresa

Report by Gaye Horne
The Team of Gaye Horne, Colleen Rice, Michael Thomas and David Payne.

Our section consisted of the eventual winners Warkworth, Andy Dorrance’s Manly Team, Matt Higginson’s team (winners of Sorrill Cup,) another very strong team from Orewa.
First up we played Birkenhead (Milly, Chad, Will, Gary)  We never really got going and went down 14/5.
Our second game we won 17/5 was against an average Manly team of men,  winning 17/5
Third game was against Any Dorrance’s team  resulting in a draw 12/12
Last game against Sunnybrae we won 9/3

The eventual winners came from our section, and 2nd & 3rd from the other section which contained the other 5 MB teams.

Cheers Gaye

Report by Hanaan Shahwan.
Team: Hanaan skip/Graeme McGregor three / Rick George second / Rosemary Nicol lead.

Game 1 against a Manly team started slow, struggling with weight and length while the Manly team could do no wrong.  We went down 6 in the second end and were down 12-1 but the team were able to get a break and held Manly at 12 with the game ending 7-12 to Manly.
The second game against an Orewa team saw a much better all-round performance from the team ending with a win 11-8.
After lunch, the team played against a Takapuna team and continued their good performance against a niggly team. Rosemary at lead, Rick 2 and Graeme 3 played great bowls to take out the win 11-8.
In the fourth and last game, the team played against a Russell skipped team Marion, Rhonda and Garth.  Once again, the team struggled to get a break.  Marion at lead put our team under pressure with consistent very good lead bowls. We lost 10-4 in the end.

Report by Kevin Roberston
Mairangi Bay Crocs.  The team, ably skipped by Kevin Robertson with Rick Dixon (3), Glenda Rountree (2) and Bob Mullen leading had a reasonable day at this year’s Stanaway trophy.  Although they would have preferred a later start?

The alarm clock didn’t go off  ’till after the first game!  On a slow Manly “C” green they struggled early, going down to a very good Sunnybrae team by 2 points.
Game two was against Russell Parkinson’s Mairangi  team.  In true club spirit the Cocs let Russell’s team lead early before reeling them in for a well-constructed one point win.

After lunch it was on to the fast “A” green where the fully re-energised Crocs set about dismantling the local Manly team.

Followed by a convincing win over Orewa.  Bob Mullen’s superb leading, followed by Glenda Rountree’s drawn shots and Rick Dixon’s placement with Kev Robertson’s draw and running shots, when required.

3 wins – 25 ends – 42 points with a differential  of  plus 13.

A good effort at a tournament played in a good spirit.

Report by Russell Parkinson
Our team of Russell, Garth, Rhonda and Marion had a mixed day. We struggled early against 3rd place getters Warkworth. Next up we played Kevin Robertson’s Mairangi Bay team, took an early lead but couldn’t maintain it eventually pipped 8-7.

After lunch we played a boisterous Birkenhead team and got a old fashioned hiding. In our final match we faced Hanaan’s Mairangi Bay team and finally hit our straps coming out 10-4 winners. Marion’s leading in the final match set us up for the win. everyone contributed at various times and a good day was had by all.


Report by Stuart MacKay
The Team: Stuart Mackay, Ian McGovern, Louise Ball and Jane Mackay.

Great weather, Tuis chattering in the flame trees and blue skies.

Won 1, lost 3.  Had a great day sharing laughs with fun teams from Sunnybrae, Northcote and Manly. The win was our first game against Manly.  Stuart was skip, Ian was a worthy number 3 and Jane and Louise shared lead.  Afternoon tea was much appreciated.

cheers Stuart

Tony Stanaway represented the Stanaway Family.  He gave a brief history of the trophy which was donated by his Father.Tony presented the Stanaway Trophy to Warkworth who had 4 wins, 24 ends and 68 points.
Second were Takapuna Shaun, Gordon, Wyn and Irene, 4 wins, 22 ends and 44 points.
Third were another Warkworth team with 3 ½ wins, 25 ends and 44 points.

We had six teams from Mairangi playing with a seventh team missing out due to a misunderstand about entering.  Thank you to Rosemary for filling in for Joy Watkinson.  Also special thanks to the supporters Bruce and Helen Aley, Alan and Maxine Daniels, Les Boulton and Margaret O`Carroll.  Hopefully I have not missed anyone .

There are some photos on Manly Facebook page.

But special thanks to our roving reporters, Theresa Rogers, Gaye Horne, Hanaan Shahwan, Kevin Robertson, Russell Parkinson and Stuart Mackay

Some budding 1 to 5 Convenors there !!!

Finally a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Gaye Horne, Glenda Rountree, Flora Macdonald, Rosemary Nicol, Graeme McGregor and Michael Thomas for being selected in the 1-5 North Harbour Rep squads, well done to  them.

Also well done to Garth Partridge for the fantastic work he is doing in assisting, organising and communicating to these squads. Rep communication has never been so good.

That is the end of the Winter Tournaments, Summer is just around the corner, the days are getting longer.  Well done to all our teams who again represented our club in a professional manner.

Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor
P (09) 479 1489      M 027 290 0127