With heavy rain earlier in the week, with flooding and storms all throughout the country, we were fortunate to be able to run the popular Thursday event this week.  Conditions were difficult with the wind gusting to more than 52km per hour from the West.

With no four winning team it was a close run thing for the two teams that managed three and a half wins.  Congratulations to John Miles, David Lloydd and Colin Rogan who took out 1st place.

David Lloydd, John Miles & Colin Rogan.


1st – 3.5 Wins, 35 Ends, 55 Points – John Miles, David Lloydd and Colin Rogan
2nd – 3.5 W, 33 E, 55 P – David Payne, Graeme McGregor and Colleen Rice
3rd – 3 W, 31 E, 65 P – Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins and Allan Langley
4th – 3 W, 31 E, 62 P – George Jones, John Gledhill and Marie Cooper
am. prize to Leon Wech, Rachael Long and Bevyn Darlington
pm. prize to Flora Macdonald, Glenda Rountree and Marian McDonald