It was chilly and at times it was damp, however the competition went ahead and was completed without disruption.

There was only the one 4 winner team, and that was the team of Phil Chisholm and Ron Horne.  They had 4 Wins, 21 Ends and 49 Points.

2nd – 3.5W, 25E, 40P – Colleen Rice and Barry McCrystal
3rd – 3.5W, 23E, 36P – John Miles and Des Lowe
4th – 3W, 25E, 52P – Mick Moodie and Chad Nathan
5th – 3W, 22E, 41P – Tony James and Tony Trent
6th – 2.5W, 21E, 39P – Geoff Ladd and Ian Baxter