They had promised showers in the afternoon, but we didn’t care!! We wanted to enjoy our game, and we did, and the showers didn’t come!
But, unfortunately it was only 12 entries (well, 13 originally, so, with the rest of the committee entering, we would be 16. Great! Except for one having covid!). But 12 entries made 6 pairs and we were happy with that.
We ended up with 3 three winners, first Bruce Aley with 42 points, second Janne Beale, 32 points and third Sherril Watson with 28 points. Lucky dip went to Bill Lowe.
Congratulations to the winners, thanks for the rest for supporting us. We all think that many more would enjoy to come along. On that note, next Club Day is Tuesday the 22nd of November, hope to see you there!