It started with a glitch in the system which meant we had 19 teams entered for the competition and with 9 rinks available on the Harcourt’s Community Carpet Green – room for 18 teams – the choices were, send one group home or have a bye round. It was a system glitch and it was unanimously agree that a bye round would be the better option.  The next challenge was the weather, with rain, rain, rain forecast for the afternoon. So how did the day go?

The weather in the morning was A1 and at lunch the sky looked a little threatening.  Sure enough, the rain came in just as round three got underway, however David Pearse did his magic and chased the rain away after just a couple of ends, so we managed a full day of 4 games in delightful spring conditions.

Two teams managed 4 wins, with Gerd Hutcheson and David Lloydd dominating all of their opponents and winning 20 ends.

1st – 4Wins, 20 Ends, 42 Points – Gerd Hutcheson and David Lloydd
2nd – 4W, 16E – Wyns Gray and Gordon Jenkins
3rd – 3W, 23E, 48P – Phil Chisholm and Theresa Rogers
4th – 3W, 18e, 31P – Sherill Watson and Rachel Long
lucky dip to George Durbridge and Alan Donnelly