Winter bowling conditions can be tough — and they can be fantastic.  Today was one of those fantastic mid winter days, starting off a little on the cool side with a good covering of dew on the carpet and going on to become a calm, at times sunny day – ideal for our great game.

Ideal would be the way that Ruth Lynch and Connie Mathieson would describe their day.  They were the only 4 winning team, with 25 ends and 62 points.

Connie Mathieson and Ruth Lynch – W I N N E R S !!!


2nd – 3.5W, 20E, 36P – Jamie Chen and Beth Leung
3rd – 3.5W, 19E, 38P – Gaye Horne, with Joy in the am and Colleen in the pm
4th – 3W, 20E, 41P – Rosemary Nichols and Baz McCrystal
lucky dip went to Geoff Ladd and Graeme McGregor