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Trish Hardy, our roving reporter, provides a write-up on the Women’s Championship Fours  

The exciting and hard-fought finals in the Championship Women’s Fours was held over the weekend.    

The winners Skip Jan Gledhill, Sheryl Wellington, Kathy Morton and Colleen Rice beat Skip Anne Hellier, Hillary Ross, Caryl Miles and Thesesa Rogers.

The Gledhill team lead all the way until the 14th end when Ann’s team picked up three points to take over the lead by one point.

On the last end, Jan’s team came back at them and eased back ahead to win 12/11 with Jan not required to bowl her last bowl.

It was a sterling effort by both teams and from the sideline a great game to watch.

Congratulations to the winning team and thanks to all who contributed over the weekend.

Regards Trish