It was with great pleasure we found 14 entries for the MBBC Women’s Singles Championship!   Unfortunately, it became 13, with byes as a consequence, but these things happen. The number was still twice of last year!

All 2 and 3 winners were to qualify, and we got 7: Rosemary Nicol, Elaine McClintock, Theresa Rogers, Colleen Rice, Irene Donaldson, Jan Gledhill and Geraldine Wight.

Colleen got the bye, Irene beat Rosemary 21-18, Jan beat Theresa 21-12 and Elaine beat Geraldine 21-6.
In the semifinals, Irene beat Colleen 21-15 and Elaine beat Jan 21-10.
In the final, between Irene and Elaine, Irene took off with a lead of 9-1 after 9 ends, when Elaine managed to catch up a bit 11-10 after 14 ends. Then Irene, having played brilliantly, all day actually, took off again, winning with 21-14. Well done!

Congratulations to Irene and to all competitors, making this an excellent and exciting championship.

Finally big thanks to the markers, especially to the men helping out, hopefully, we can return the favour.

An extra thank you goes to Trish and Ian Hardy, who helped us out in a tight spot.