Thank you to all supporters and those that tided up afterwards.

YES!! we had ONE NON arrival/show on Friday, I guess HE lost his diary or something????

If one person fails to show it actually disrupts the afternoon for 8 PEOPLE. So thanks again for your non show.

So onto the day, which turned out very chilly but still lots of fun and Thank you to Nev.

The best 2 winner was Russel and Grahame. Lots of cash was given away to all sorts of combos.

Ian and Stuart drew the card for a stab at the Jokerpot, but NO luck instead they found  the Queen of Hearts AND the mystery card.

Then onto the first draw from the raffle, Stuart was up. This time he FOUND the JOKER and walked away with $160. Well done boyo.

The Cash Splash Jackpot for differential was NOT struck with a Diff of 10 so Jackpots next time to $180

The Joker Pot will also be re started with a Pool of $50.

Next date is FRIDAY 9th July (which clashes with Winter Cup so you CANNOT play both -WATCH WHERE YOU COMMIT TO)

Sheet up in normal place

Can I PLEASE have ALL entries show up on the DAY

God and his Son is tired of my beseeching them!!!!

Ric Lydford