Friday Splash the Cash.

There we were, would we play or not, BUT yes we did and a pleasant 2 games of 3 bowl pairs was had by 14 teams. BUT we beat the rain which came in squall like storms AFTER play had finished.

So, onto the money:

Best 2 winner Leon & Garth, Best 1 winner Colin & Ian an easy $40 to each team.

Friday Cash Flashpoint. The $60 was split between Peter & Jeanette and Bob & Brian.

Unbelievably the Super Joker draw went to “the Baxters” for the 3 time,but alas luck was not with them for the 3rd time and the Jokerpot Jackpots.

BUT the 2 BIG prizes were NOT WON,so next time

Splash the CASH Friday is $240

The Super Jokerpot is $160

Next game is FRIDAY 21st August, Sheet up in normal place and ONLY 3 SPACES left to make 18 teams.

Emergency teams are accepted.

Easy money BUT you have to be in to WIN.

Regards Ric