Sunday saw the running of the Stanaway Trophy at Manly, the second of three Winter 1-8 fours with the last event the Latimer cup being held this coming Sunday 13th at Browns Bay.  It was a really nice day particularly in the morning, with a little breeze and no rain.

We had five teams playing.
Manly has two carpet greens and one of them needed to be lifted, levelled and re-laid.  This was done on Friday and finished around 5pm.  This particular green was very slow, the carpet green in front of the clubhouse was very fast.

Every team would play two games on each carpet.

All our five teams were on the newly laid carpet in the morning and moved to the quicker carpet in the afternoon.  Many bowlers struggled with that change.

Our teams were:
Phill Chisholm, David Payne, Flora Macdonald and Julie Chhour.
Michael Thomas, Joy Watkinson, Glenda Rountree and Louise Ball.
Glyn Taylor, Garth Partridge, Bill Lowe and Roger Potter.
Russell Parkinson, Stuart Mackay, Jane Mackay and Rosemary Nicol.
Rick Dixon, Kevin Robertson, Graeme McGregor and Rick George.

Phill Chisholm’s team had three wins and were going for four in the last but lost in a close game to a Browns Bay team.  Julie Chhour bowled very well all day showing why she has made the North Harbour rep squad.  Also named for the rep squad were Rosemary Nicol and Flora Macdonald. Well done to those three bowlers.

Michael Thomas`s team started off well with two wins against Hobsonville and Manly on the slow carpet.  In the afternoon, they struggled with the faster carpet and lost to two Manly teams.

Glyn Taylor`s team had two wins against Hobsonville teams and a loss to Browns Bay and Manly.  His team missed out on playing the first Tournament, the Sorrill cup and will be better for the run.  They enjoyed the day and bowled consistently well as a group.

Russell Parkinson`s team had two wins against Manly and Warkworth but lost their two games in the afternoon to two Manly teams.  Again really struggled in the afternoon with the change from a slow carpet to a fast carpet.

Last but not least;

Rick Dixons team, they lost their first game on the slow carpet going down 11-8. They were very slow to adjust, then started catching up but ran out of time.  They had a big win in their second game and two good wins in the afternoon.  Apparently, Rick with the red bowls (George) had an excellent day with his leading, picking up at least 15 touches and a number of near touches, enabling their team to have a very successful day.

A successful day they did have coming 3rd overall and in the money.

Rick Dixon” comments were that the weather was kind and it was a most enjoyable day catching up with a lot of familiar faces.  He also believes this is the best tournament for 1-8 bowlers.

The winning team was Wynne Gray, Dennis Harris, Irene Costello and Dennis Hale from Takapuna.  They were presented with the Stanaway Cup by Tony Stanaway who was able to provide a brief history of the event.

So we move to Browns Bay this Sunday with the same five teams competing, which is a great turnout from the club.

Thank you to the club members that turn up to support our teams.

Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor.