Another great result for Mairangi Bay on Sunday in the Stanaway Cup held up at Manly Bowling Club.
As with the Sorrill and Latimer Cups this fours 1-5 event was open to a maximum of two 1-8 players.

It was an amazing day fine with no wind on the first day of Spring.
We had three teams competing, unfortunately losing a fourth team last week with skip Tony James having a back issue so the team withdrew.

A big thank you to Jane and Tony James for their support on the day and supply of food to someone who left his lunch on the kitchen bench.

The team of Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson, Allan Langley and a very unwell David Payne had 4 wins out of 4 with 23 ends on A Green.

A strong win in their last game over the much fancied Bob Telfer team 12-8 after being down 8-4 with three ends to go capped their day.

On B green the team of Allan Blackman, Russell Parkinson, Gayle Wilkinson and Louise Ball also had 4 wins being the only other four winner on the day.

Fortunately for them they had 24 ends and therefor the Stanaway Cup winners see photo below.
They were a very happy team afterwards , Well done to them !
I believe things were very quiet in the Wilkinson household that evening and have not got much better since .

The team of Michael Jelley , Phil Chisholm , Trish O`Malley and Garth Partridge had two wins on the day one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This is the last 1-8 Tournament for Mike Jelley and Trish O`Malley whom will be year 9 (Senior) players next year.

So first and second for Mairangi Bay , another successful tournament for our club.

Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor