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The PPL is the Power Play League, a carnival event held at various venues across North Harbour during the weekend 20th and 21st August 2022.  The PPL is organised by Bowls North Harbour with around 30 teams competing in this fast format game.  Each game is 2 sets of 5 ends (including a power play end).  3 pairs make up a team with the points of the three pairs making up the team score.

This is an exciting format of fast paced bowls. Spectators and supporters are welcome and encouraged.  When the venues have been finalised (these depend on the number of entries, which are still to be finalised), they will be announced on the Bowls North Harbour website.

The Mairangi Bay Bowling Club selectors would like to announce the following Mairangi Bay representative teams for the PPL to be played on the weekend of August 20/21st.  Venues are yet to be finalised but Mairangi Bay will host one section of qualifying on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.

The Mairangi Bay Bowls Club teams are:
The Snappers
Sheryl Wellington and Phill Chisholm
David Payne and Colleen Rice
Peter Orgias and Theresa Rogers.
Manager Sheryl Wellington.

The Sharks
Wayne Glogoski and Bruce McClintock.
Gaye Horne and Michael Thomas.
Kevin Cameron and Jo Baxter.
Manager Kevin Cameron.

The Dolphins
Glenda Rountree and Graeme McGregor.
Tony James and Rosemary Nicol.
David Lloyd and Flora Macdonald.
Manager Flora Macdonald.

The Reserve is Roger Potter.

Hopefully the weather is fine for an exciting weekend of bowls.
Alan Daniels, Leon Wech, Peter Orgias and Colleen Rice.