A reminder that the Flewellyn Cup is on Friday 26 January commencing at 3p.m.
NOT 4p.m. as in the club handbook. 

As always it is followed by a dinner (Chinese) for those who would like to stay.  $10 bowls $10 dinner.  Husbands/wives/partners who are not playing bowls are welcome to join us for dinner also.

There will be 3 games of 1hr.10mins.   Mufti.  Entry form in the clubrooms or ‘phone Phyl on 410-4131.

Phyl Humphries provides a little bit of history about the origin of the Flewellyn Cup.

“The Cup was first played for about 1970 which is the year the women moved into their own clubrooms (where the beach volleyball is now).   Until then they had played at the men’s club since forming in 1962.   It was to be a mixed pairs tournament for members of the men’s and women’s clubs, thus enabling husbands and wives to play in a tournament together.  “Flew”, as he was popularly known, donated a cup for the event.  I understand in the 1960’s mixed tournaments were almost unheard of.   Both clubs had a very large membership in those days so it was limited to club members only.  Now members husbands/wives/partners who play for another club can partner their ‘other halves’.  Dinner afterwards was always part of the socialising possibly because previously women had not been allowed in the bar area so having dinner afterwards as well sorted that problem out. ”  Phyl