Membership Database

The board has approved adopting Bowlshub as our online membership database. That means we will be transitioning from a manual system to an online system over the next few months.  Already over 60 of our members are registered on bowlshub and if you intend to play Centre or National run events it is now a requirement.

For those not playing Centre or National events there is no need for you to do anything. Bowlshub will upload our current database. A login and a password will be created and emailed to you. You will be able to change your password. We will cross check details and if we have any questions then we will contact you.

For members already registered we will be cross-checking details that match our current database. However, we note that our emergency contacts list is badly outdated. Please go online and fill out or check the emergency contact details under the “personal details” tab.

If you have any questions or need help please contact me or see me at the club, I am there most Thursdays and Saturday afternoons.

Formerly Ladies Tuesday Triples.
The Ladies Tuesday Triples is being changed to a Single Entry Tuesday open to all members. February 13 will be a full day but March 12 & April 9 will be half day Single Entry with a start time of 1.00 pm. Dress code Mufti.
Please support this change. The volunteers who give up their time to run these events need members to play to make their efforts worthwhile. And members need to support these events so we have a good cross-section of events available for you to play. If not supported then you get less choice.

Team Entry Player Interchange
There has for some time been an informal arrangement that allowed players to play in part of our regular full-day events if they were unable to play the full day and field a replacement. The Board has formalised this. You will be able to field an extra player for team events (eg Thursday Triples) and rotate players in various games. How you go about this is up to the team. Two players can play half a day each or all three players can stand down one game etc. If you have any questions please ask.

Reserves/Single Entry to Team Events.
As you know the online booking system does not allow you to see who has already entered the event, making finding a fill-in player difficult. We have put up a sheet on the board where you can list your availability.

You can now enter the team event online and instead of adding your team members’ names write “reserve” or “single entry”. Our organisers will know who is available and where possible add you to a team or make up a new team. Please note this is NOT a guarantee of entry. The organisers will contact you to let you know if we have found a spot for you.

Russell Parkinson
Membership Secretary
Mairangi Bay Bowling Club
027 645 3340