Tiger Turf has postponed the maintenance on the Harcourt”s Cooper & Co Carpet Green.  It will happen sometime in the future.

The announcement from the Government today that Auckland would be able to have gatherings greater than 10 people means that on Thursday this week, September 24th, we will be going ahead with the Triples (not Pairs as per the handbook), on Mayfair (with skrims), with a field of 16 teams. As the season has officially started, this and other full-day events will be in whites or club colours.  The sheet is up in the glass cabinet with just one or two slots still available.

On Saturday 26th September and Sunday 27th September (Daylight Savings Weekend) the Women’s Handicap Single will be played with play commencing at 9:00 am.  This will be on the Mayfair grass green with skrims.  Entries are still being accepted and stand at 16 so far.

The Haggle on Saturday will be on the carpet where all 9 rinks will be available.  Dress for the Haggle, like all half-day events, is Mufti.  Start time for the Haggle is now 1:00 pm.

Practice is to be on the carpet green at any time that it is not being used for an event.

Thursday 1st October will be as per the handbook: Open Triples Any Combination starting at 9:15am, dress whites or club colours.  Both grass greens will be in play and the sheet will be up in the cabinet by the main entrance.

Good bowling to all.  Stay well and stay safe.