There were 20 teams playing in the Arvida Mixed Triples.
The winners with 4 wins, 32 ends & 61 points were Judi Farkash, Glenda Rountree & Chris Charles.
Second with 4 wins also but 27 ends & 46 points were Elaine McClintock, Colin Rogan and Bruce McClintock.
Third with 3 wins, 32 ends & 53 points were Peter Orgias, Jeanette Crgias & Gordon Jenkins.
Fourth with 3 wins also but 31 ends & 75 points were Murray Radojkovich, Brian Rogers & Theresa Rogers.
The Daily prize went to Grant Keats, Trish Hardy & Ian Hardy,
The final is next month with the top 10 teams playing for the cup & the remaining teams are playing in the plate division. Please look at the points table to see where you are playing & do not forget to put your entry in online.

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