Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have been in contact !!!

This is the first Junior update for the new season 2021/22.

Again Covid is having a major impact on the season and our lives in general.

From December 3rd when we start our program we will be under the red traffic light system. You will need to be double vaccinated to play all bowls tournaments and to enter the clubrooms and grounds.

This season we WELCOME as first year bowlers;

Marie  and Roger Potter, Julie Chhour daughter of Muy, Jane Mackay wife of Stuart, Bill Lowe, Paul Ost and Chris Tegg.

Also joining as first year bowlers are Mark Hogan and Blair Moore, both from the Mairangi Bay Fishing Club, whom may show their skills on a bowling green at some stage.

The following players; Joy Watkinson, Allan Langley and John McConnachie move out of 1-5 Juniors into year 6-8 bowlers.

The following players; Marie Cooper, Michael Cairns-Cowan, Alan Daniels, Ron Horne and Tony James leave the 1-8 Juniors and officially are now Seniors.

Gayle and Mike Wilkinson also have left the 1-8 Juniors but will not be playing bowls this season.

A special shout-out to a number of our people:
Our Greenkeeper Hamish Russell who does a great job, we have fantastic greens!
Our Club Captains – Phyl Humphries and Barry McCrystal. You can talk to them at any time if you have any questions or concerns.
Our fully qualified coaches – Ian Coombe and Theresa Rogers, assisted by Larry Cain and Brian Rogers.
Our Match and Tournament committee teams captained by Gerd Hutcheson, Theresa Rogers and David Pearse.
Our Umpires – Jean Ashby, Lily Hinton, Raewyn Parker, Sheryl Wellington and Gerd Hutcheson.
Our selectors – Leon Wech, Peter Orgias, Alan Daniels and Colleen Rice. You will need to impress these people (or pay) to make our selected teams.

The new season officially starts with a haggle on Saturday 4th December under the red light protocol.

We are currently running half-day mufti tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9.00am and 1pm on both days, limited to 24 people for each event.

As from Friday 26th November the Club is a double vaxxed club only  and you must show your vaccine pass to Sandra Coombe(only once) before you are able to play.

More details are on our website.

The full December program is on the website and you are now able to enter these tournaments online with a brand new entry system.

A BIG THANKS to Sandra and her team for setting this up.

Events coming up.
The 1-5 year interclub will be held on January 8/9th, Saturday /Sunday 2022.  We will be looking for names before the end of the year so we can enter and select those teams.

I will send out a further email closer to the time.

The Milford 5000 is to be held on 29/30th  January 2022. I believe we have three teams entered. Skips of those teams can you email or text me your teams so I am aware who is in your team.

The tournament is sold out already. This is a great tournament, $5000 worth of prizes, lovely food on both days. 32 teams, the top 16 teams from the first day play for the trophy and prizemoney down to 6th, the bottom 16 teams play for the plate and prizemoney  down to 6th also.

A reminder for all tournaments you need to be double vaxxed and will need to show proof.

If you have not paid your subscription now is the time to do that, you need to be paid up to play in our club championship’s.

For any gear inquiries please contact Sandra Coombe Sandr@coombe.net.nz

Bowls North Harbour have an online entry system on their website , for any North Harbour Tournaments you can enter there. For North Harbour interclub events the entries will be made by our selectors.

You should have a copy of the handbook, if not you will be able to grab one when we start on the 4th December, this is your bowls bible, use it to write in the events you have entered and highlight the upcoming ones you are interested in.

For our new bowlers don’t be afraid to ask questions, you can always contact me or any other bowlers.

One piece of advice – don’t be afraid of not being good enough, the only place to learn is out on the bowling green, so get involved.

We have lost a couple of the months of the season, so just get stuck in, you will find our more experienced bowlers very encouraging.

Have a great 2021/22 bowling season, let’s hope the weather and covid is kind, and may your bowls go where you expect them to !!!!

Alan Daniels

Junior Convenor
P (09) 4791489      M 0272900127