The selectors would like to announce the following Winter Cup bonus fours teams.

To be played on Friday 5-12-19th July with July the 26th being the reserve day.

Games normally start at 9.30am with venues to be advised.

Format of play will be 2 bowls per player with games of 12 ends with a time limit of 1 ¾ hours.

Team Pearls  – Sheryl Wellington, Jan Gledhill, Colleen Rice and Theresa Rogers.  Manager Sheryl Wellington.

Team Dolphins – Elaine McClintock, Hanaan Shahwan, Lorna Donald and Kerin Roberts.  Manager Elaine McClintock.

Team Oysters– Gaye Horne, Judi Farkash, Joy Watkinson and Rosemary Nicol.   Manager  Gaye Horne.

Team – Orcas – Jo Baxter, Flora Macdonald, Jane Mackay and Julie Chhour.   Manager Jo Baxter.

Reserves .  Annie McGrath, Gerd Hutcheson and Muy Chhour.

Team Sharks  –  Murray Radojkovich, Phill Chisholm, Gordon Jenkins, Allan Langley.  Manager Allan Langley.

Team Marlins – Gerry Strydom, Kevin Cameron, Barry McCrystal and Steve McGregor.  Manager Gerry Strydom.

Team Stingrays  – John Gledhill, Tony James, Stuart Mackay and Roger Potter.  Manager John Gledhill .

Team Barracudas  – Jim Price, Glyn Taylor, Bill Lowe, Ralph Cullen.  Manager Glyn Taylor.

Reserves  Leon Wech, David Payne, Kevin Robertson n/a 12/26th, Alan Daniels, Kevin Sturgeon.

Many thanks to those who put their names forward and those who have said they could fill in if we need extra players.

Just a reminder that the cost to enter each team is $100 to the club, so there is an expectation that you are committed for all three days regardless of the weather or the team results.

If you are indisposed, or unable to play please contact the selectors who will look for a replacement.

Managers, can you ensure your teams are all good for each Friday including transport.

Good bowling to all teams and hopefully the weather will be kind.

Alan Daniels (Convenor), Allan Langley, Colleen Rice, Leon Wech and Sheryl Wellington.