Mairangi Bay was the Headquarters for the Women’s Centre Singles this past  weekend.  For once the weather obliged & the event was played in bright sunshine although the wind was a little chilly at times. Mayfair Green played exceptionally well and received many accolades.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to running the weekend. Especially the following: John Gledhill who set up the kitchen very early on Saturday morning and got out all the gear. Ron Horne, who helped mark the greens & set up  and along with Irene Donaldson, both marked 4 games each. Graeme McGregor who came down on both Saturday and Sunday to pour cups of tea. Ron & Gaye tidied up & put all the gear away at the conclusion of play on Saturday

On Sunday, Gaye Horne, Ian Coombe , Colleen Rice and Trish Hardy set up & marked the greens before Gaye, Colleen & Trish did the honours in the marking department. John Gledhill was back again early Sunday to set up the kitchen. And Graeme McGregor was back pouring tea.

It is willing volunteers such as these who make our club run so smoothly. Thank you

Mairangi Bay was well represented on Sunday with Elaine McClintock, Glenda Rountree & Theresa Rogers all qualifying. It was perhaps unfortunate that they all had to play one another with Elaine defeating first Glenda, then Theresa to go on to defeat Selena Goddard in the final. Congratulations Elaine!!

There were lots of Mairangi  spectators throughout both days which was good to see.