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The final three rounds of the Women’s Handicap Singles were played on Sunday 24 September and the spectators witnessed some excellent bowling by all qualifiers.

In one quarter final played,  Jan and Gerd they had a game worthy of a final with the result being 21/20 to Jan. 

The semi final between Kathy and Jan was also close, finishing 21/17 to Kathy and the other semi final between Sherril Watson and Colleen finishing 21/10 to Colleen, the score not really reflecting the standard of play.  

This put Kathy and Colleen into the final, which was also an enjoyable game to watch.

In the final, Colleen, who started on a handicap of 5, while Kathy started on 2, raced out to a 10/4 lead.  Kathy then found her form bringing the score back to 11/10.  Back bounced Colleen to proceed to 15/11 and at that score, with Kathy holding 3 after her first three bowls, Colleen ran the jack on her last bowl to take the end by 1.  Score now 16/11 to Colleen.

The next end was a long end from the club house end and after 3 bowls Colleen has 2 close and pops another one in for 3.  But wait, Kathy’s last bowl looks right on line at the right weight to sit Colleen and take the shot.  However it just nudges Colleen’s bowls and runs through the head.  3 to Colleen.  Score 19/11.

It’s not the end yet as Kathy takes 3 on another long end heading back towards the crowd at the club house end. 19/14

And then with a 1 and a 1 on the next two ends, Colleen takes out the match 21/14 thus completing a double as she was also the winner last year.

Many thanks to all the markers who gave up their time throughout the competition and to the Umpires, Jean and Sheryl, and to Trevor who set up the green on Tuesday ready for us to play.