This weekend is the Year 1 to 5 Interclub competition with Mairangi Bay having two teams entered.
The team Tuis is playing at Browns Bay and the team Keas is playing at Sunnybrae.
Play will commence at 8:30 am with the report time being 8:00 am.

Each round is a 4 bowls singles game, a 3 bowls pairs game and a 2 bowl triples game.
Singles playing – 21 shots or 2 1⁄4 hrs, the Pairs teams playing – 15 ends or 2 1⁄4 hrs, and the Triples teams playing – 15 ends or 2 1⁄4 hrs.
There are three rounds on the Saturday with post section play on Sunday being a blind draw, knock out competition with the winning club going on to represent Bowls North Harbour in regional play.

Qualifiers in each section will play post section play on Sunday 9 January 2022 at Browns Bay

Your support and encouragement would be appreciated.  Very best of bowling luck to all our players.