Bowling Club Under Alert Level 2 – Group Restriction 10 members

Bowls New Zealand and Sport New Zealand continue to recommend that Bowling Clubs remain closed whilst the country is under Alert level 2, with a restriction on group gatherings of 10.

There is still a degree of confusion as to how this restriction of 10 per group affects bowling activities.

What we do know is that if the club is to organise any play then it would be restricted to pairs or triples and that to comply with the distancing requirements we could only operate a maximum of 6 rinks.

This would mean a total of 36 players but the issue is that teams are not able to be swapped around. In other words, you can only play one team and not mix with the other teams. All players must maintain the appropriate social distancing, provide contact tracing details, sanitize all equipment, and the clubrooms would only be available to a maximum of 10 people with very limited facilities.

At a club Board Meeting this afternoon, Thursday 14 May 2020, your Board decided that because the restriction of 10 per group under Level 2 is to be reviewed within a fortnight and the numbers are likely to be increased, it is unrealistic to organise any formal club events during this period. The Board however is aware that some members wish to participate in their own roll-ups. Accordingly, with immediate affect members may use the Carpet Green for roll -ups/ practice under the following conditions.

  1. Please sanitise your hands before you touch anything at the club.
  2. Members must use their own bowls.
  3. Please use only rinks 1,3,5,7,9. This allows others to play whilst you are playing. If all these rinks are in use then you will need to wait until a rink becomes available.
  4. Scoreboards are NOT to be used.
  5. A contact details sheet is provided in the 1st “bus shelter” and you must complete it. If you don’t and we have an issue then our ability to open up fully down the track could be jeopardised.
  6. Mats and jacks are stored in disinfectant also in the 1st “bus shelter” please replace them into the disinfectant after use.
  7. The club rooms remain closed and are not to be entered by members as we do not have appropriate cleaning contracts in place to protect members.
  8. We ask that you all maintain the required social distancing of 2 meters when at the club.

We are hopeful that these restrictions will only be necessary for a short period of time and that we can all get back to more enjoyable bowling activities. In the meantime, please enjoy the limited facilities.

On behalf of the Board
Stuart Jamieson
Board Chairperson