We were doing some tidying up in the entry booking system recently. Several people had multiple usernames, some of which were obviously incorrect. Unfortunately, by deleting the incorrect username, it is possible that any future entries under these names were also deleted    So, if you believe you have entered a tournament and do not receive a reminder the day before there is a chance your entry has inadvertently been deleted.  Please contact the organizer to check that your entry has been recorded. My apologies for any confusion this may cause.

This is probably a good time to ask that when entering a tournament members take care to ensure, they enter their name and their email address correctly as we do see lots of typos. Your   first name only should go in the first box and your surname in the second box below. Please check that the information is correct, especially your email address before you click the blue Complete Appointment box

If you do not immediately receive a confirmation email, this is a clue that you have either entered your email address incorrectly or your entry has not been recorded. Feel free to contact  Allan Langley (for  Thursday tournaments, Men’s & Mixed  Championships), Russell (Haggle) or Sandra for all others .


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