Again we were very fortunate to have a lovely evening to play bowls,
Congratulations to the winners on the night with the team 4 Play finishing 1st followed by Under Armers 2nd and Smurfs 3rd.
This has resulted in the top 4 of in 1st place Under Armers, in 2nd place Dolls with Bowls, 3rd That’s How We Roll and 4th 4 Play.
For the championship 1st plays 4th 2nd plays 3rd, then winners play winners, whilst 5 to 12th place play for the bowl, 13th to 20th play for the plate and 21st to 28th play for the spoon.

Apart from the trophy winners, who get the trophy, all divisions have the same prizes.
In the Bowl , Plate and Spoon it is a round robin draw.

Thank you for supporting our community club and we look forward to hosting you on finals night next week. Good luck to you all but above all HAVE FUN!!

Thanks to Dines for agreeing to ensure that we do not have a BYE on finals night. Entry fee is $40 per team payable on the night.

It’s going to be fun. See you all then.


BHB Results Sheet Nov 2019