Hi Everyone welcome to my final update for 2020.

Just over a year ago I said that 20/20 had a really nice ring about it and it will be a great year.
How wrong was I  and, as a lot of you know, I am not often wrong , ask Mike Wilkinson about that.
We have survived though and if you look around the world we are in a very fortunate situation.
So no predictions from me for 2021.

I would like to welcome the following new Juniors, all first year players.
Mary Harvey, Faye Kitchen, Ralph Cullen, David Kirk, Graeme McGregor and Bill Roan.
A big welcome to you all and it is great to have an influx of new talent to start the new year.
Your challenge has just begun: to master this game of Lawn Bowls.

Also a big welcome to Judy Farkash a year 4 bowler previously from Birkenhead and also, Joy Watkinson a year 5 bowler previously from Milford.
Joy a lot of you would have met in the last few months playing in our Tournament`s.
Both of these Woman are currently in the North Harbour 1-5 rep squad and will be a great addition to our club.

My last email did not include a congratulations to Allan Langley for making the North Harbour Junior rep team as the team had not been announced at that time.
Well done to Allan for making the team and not only that but also to be announced as the team Captain.
Allan is in his last year as a 1-5 Junior , yes I know he looks older than that, and seems to have been around for quite a while , but that is a great honour to be named team Captain.
Well done Double L.

Flora Macdonald, Glenda Rountree and Rosemary Nicol have been invited into the North Harbour 1-5 rep team environment for coaching and skills practice .
Hopefully this development will open up opportunities for them down the track .
You will have notice all three have been bowling exceptionally well and with more confidence recently.

Well done to David Tripp , Jim Center and Flora Macdonald who had a big day with 4 wins in a recent Thursday Triples.
They had great win in the last game against the Peter Orgias team and ended up second on the day.
David is a year 6 bowler , who is playing more bowls these days and is bowling really well.
Both Jim and Flora are year two bowlers.
They actually had a larger cheer at the prize giving than the top team on the day of Daniels, Wilkinson and Wilkinson. Really !!!

We have two teams entered in the Mangawhai 1-5 Classic Fours on Sunday 27th December.

Rosemary Nicol, Flora Macdonald, Stuart Mackay and Barry Butcher.
Bob Mullen, Rick Dixon, Rick George and Glyn Taylor .
Good luck to both of those teams , this is a very enjoyable tournament.

I have been advised the Milford 5000 Tournament for next year is now completely full .
I believe we have three or four teams entered.

A Big thank you to a number of our Juniors who are getting involved in our Club in a number of different ways.   From being on the board, painting toilets, helping out with morning teas and meals or just helping put the gear away.
Well done !!!

As I said no predictions for 2021 from this man, but I would like to wish you all and your families all the very best for a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, as the rest of the world faces some very difficult times through this festive season.

Enjoy your break, as it will not be long before Bowls will be full on again.

Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor