Hello Members
Following yesterday’s announcement regarding Covid-19, the Board has communicated regarding Closing Day and has decided to cancel this event scheduled for 15 May and will make arrangements for having it later in the year.

This is based on:-
A] it is highly unlikely we could have cups and trophies engraved for 15 May,
B] with Level 3 restrictions in relation to social isolation ie meetings of more than 50 people and two meter spacing likely to still be operating mid May we might be called upon to cancel at short notice. That is impractical.

Therefore, we will arrange another acceptable date before Opening Day in August/September.

Keep safe and we should be able to gather in the not too distant future.
PS. How is your fuel consumption these days? I used to get about 10 kilometres out of a litre of petrol. Now I get four weeks out of a litre!!