During the long hot spell of weather our club’s chilled water dispenser has seen plenty of use and the Board do encourage everyone to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. However, this club facility comes at a cost. Did you know that the disposable cups cost just over 6c each? If we continue to use them at the current rate, we will have used approx. 7000 by the end of the season.

As well as the monetary consideration we should also think about the environment. These cups whilst biodegradable do not instantly degrade once at the tip, they take years. In addition, the cups are not always put in the bin, they are left under or on benches, stuck to the rink markers and at the sides of the greens from where they get blown all over the grounds.

The Board will of course continue to supply the water machine but do encourage members to bring their own drink containers to fill. If you do need to use a plastic cup please take one and keep it for the whole day. Don’t have a new cup each time you want a drink.

Please help the save our environment and money for the club.


John Gledhill on behalf of the Board MBBC.