On a stunningly fine afternoon the small, yet talent-filled field, played off for the right to claim the Haggle title of the day.

Steve McGregor took charge of the sorting out the teams and the draw.  He did such a good job of balancing the teams that there was no 3 winning team.

Kevin Sturgeon and partner Peter Rudgley managed 2 wins with 14 ends to snatch the winning spot from Tony Popplewell and Brian Bullock who had 2 wins and 13 ends.

The entire field felt sorry for the team of Alan Daniels and Russell Parkinson who went into the final round as the only 2 winner.  They were thumped 5/7 by Garth Partridge and Les Boulton and the Daniels / Parkinson team could manage to win just 3 ends, putting them into 3rd place with 2 wins, 13 ends (1 points less than the team that came in second.)