The fun, the chatter, the great music and perfect conditions for an afternoon of bowls: that’s what the Saturday pm Haggle is all about.

When the random draw was published there were some interesting and strong pairings which indicated that the competition would be hot, and so it was.

3 Wins by Jim Center and Garth Partridge saw them take home the trophy (metaphorically) as they scraped through with a measly 10 ends.  However at the end of the day it’s wins that count and the ends are secondary.  Well done Jim and Garth.

2nd – 2W, 16E, 30P – Ralph Cullen and Enid DiCesare
3rd – 2W, 13W, 27P – Muy Chhour and David Lloydd
Lucky Dip – Graeme McGregor and Graham Ward

Many thanks to the team of organisers that make things run so smoothly on the day, including Gayle Wilkinson, Russell Parkinson and Garth Partridge.  Thanks also to the thoughtful players who arrive early to help mark up the rinks and stick around to tidy up prior to heading to the prize giving.  Thanks also to David Lloydd for stepping up at the last minute to fill the field and ensure there was an even number of teams.

The entry sheet is now open for the Haggle next Saturday.  3 Games of 2-4-2, 1 hour and 5 minutes per game.  Mufti dress starting at 1:00 pm.